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Seatrade Maritime Ltd, Novorossiysk, Russia was formed as an individual company specializing in agency work in June, 2002. The main activity of Seatrade is agency service to Russian and foreign vessels, calling Novorossiysk port.

The position of Seatrade office in Novorossiysk is perfect for business - in close vicinity both to the port area and to the city center. Seatrade currently has an experience of service to vessels handling different kinds of cargo: liquid and bulk - tankers (dirty and clean), sugar, fertilizers, grains, cement, chemicals, minerals, timber, steel products, metals, equipment, machinery, oil cargoes, as well as different kinds of vessels: tankers, bulkers, ferries, Ro-Ro, etc. But Seatrade's role extends beyond that of the typical agent. The main difference of Seatrade from other agency companies in the Novorossiysk port is the perfect quality service and reliability. The people employed in Seatrade are considered as very experienced staff. Seatrade is well equipped with communication facilities-phone, fax, e-mail, IP-telephony, as well as transport - agency has 4 cars and 1 minivan for providing quick service and transportation for vessel's needs. Also company is fitted with personal computers and all kinds of appropriate office and auxiliary equipment.

Seatrade provides round-the-clock service and fast information required by customers. Such service enables shipowners, charterers and other parties to conclude urgent spot commodity contacts, again secure the knowledge that the vessel duties are covered.

Seatrade agency have a highly developed local knowledge about the market, and the different ports inside its area. This enables Seatrade to provide you with additional services like, cargo leads, statistical data, news flash about the port and new developments in the area related to your business.

The financial status of the company is very sound, and there are no outstandings with the port authorities, principals and clients. Disbursement accounts are submitted within a fortnight after ship's departure.

Besides, Seatrade received the mandate to attend vessels at the CPC Marine terminal and was approved by the terminal management for agency attendance along with Chevron's agent GAC. The first shipment sold by Chevron on FOB basis in October 2002 was awarded to Seatrade Maritime Ltd. and not to their traditional agents, which proves our experience and reliability.

We are ready to arrange our best agency service in order to minimize port stay, reduce other port costs and ensure d/a will be lowest possible.

You will receive proper information daily as well as pre-arrival details as necessary. We have good contact with local receivers & shippers and can co-ordinate with them as required to protect your interests.

We can also offer our cargo forwarding services and/or customs broker/declarant service at competitive prices - additional information will be sent at request.

Our sound reputation and professional relationship with local Port Authorities give us access to all port information ensuring rapid and reliable results.

We shall be grateful for the chance to attend vessels owned/chartered by your company and look forward to receiving your specific instructions and requirements.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time when you need.

Yours Faithfully,


Seatrade Maritime LtdAlexander Drobyshevsky

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