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06/06/05 Monday
Russian Oil Export+++ Since the beginning of the year 79,557 mn tons of Russian oil was exported to the foreign countries via the Transneft pipeline system. In January-May 19.763 mn tons was transported via Novorossiysk port and 23.534 mn tons - via the port of Primorsk.//Seanews

06/04/05 Wednesday
100 tankers may be heading for breakers by Tuesday +++ By Tuesday close to 100 tankers, or nearly 2% of the world"s total tonnage, will head for scrap yards. An International Maritime Organisation (IMO) ruling makes it mandatory for shipping firms to junk old single hull tankers by 5 April 2005. IMO is imposing the ban on "unprotected" single hull tankers carrying heavy grade oil, in the wake of the sinking of the Prestige, a single hull tanker, off the Spanish coast in November 2002. Tankers delivered before 5 April 1982 will be banned from the IMO deadline, while younger vessels will be phased out by 31 December 2005. //Seanews

30/03/05 Wednesday
Turkish Straits Traffic+++ On March 28 Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Hilmi Guler, said that oil tanker traffic in the Istanbul and Canakkale straits had increased by 50% in the last three years. In the "Caspian Black Sea Oil and Gas Conference" in Ankara, Guler said that new pipeline routes were neccessary to protect the environment and to prevent occurrence of problems with oil transport through the straits. According to Tankerworld, the Baku - Tbilisi - Ceyhan (BTC) crude oil pipeline would become operational soon, and the Baku - Tbilisi - Erzurum natural gas pipeline would start operating in 2006. In his speech Guler noted that Turkey was the most feasible route for transportation of oil and natural gas resources from the Caspian basin. Underlining the importance of strategic cooperation among countries in the region, Guler said that natural gas would also be transported to Europe via Greece and Bulgaria.//Seanews

30/03/05 Wednesday
Russian Ports" Throughput in January-February 2005 According to the Russian Ports Association, in January-February 2005 the throughput of the Russian ports exceeded 57.6 mn tons (+21% year-on-year). Dry cargo handling was up by 12.6% and made 24.8 mn tons and liquid bulk handling increased by 28% and made 32.8 mn tons). The ports of the North-West basin handled 24.7 mn tons (+40% year-on-year) including 10.4 mn tons of dry cargoes and 14.3 mn tons of liquid bulk. The throughput of the Southern basin amounted to 22.5 mn tons (+15.6%). Liquid bulk handling made 16.5 mn tons (+15.2%), dry cargo handling amounted to 6 mn tons (+16.4%). The ports of the Far East handled 10.3 mn tons of cargoes (+0.1% year-on-year).

02/11/04 Tuesday
Russian oil exports to go north+++ Beijing, Nov. 1 (Xinhuanet) -- Russia, the world"s second-biggest oil exporter, next month will increase northern Baltic port loadings on expectations winter storms in the Black Sea and traffic in the Bosporus will restrain southern shipments, reported China Daily on Monday. The Baltic Sea port of Primorsk will report a record, handling 1.03 million barrels a day in November, up from 993,000 planned for this month, according to the port"s official schedule, obtained by Bloomberg. At Novorossiisk on the Black Sea, exports are planned for 904,000 barrels a day next month, down from 928,000 this month, according to the port. Russia has increased oil production this year as crude prices surged to a record, lifted by rising demand from China. Oil companies, including OAO Lukoil, are investing to expand exports, which command higher prices than on the Russian market. Oil loadings from Russia next month are planned at 2.54 million barrels a day. The total is little changed from planned shipments of 2.51 million barrels per day in October. Russia"s oil exports are shifting to the Baltic Sea ports of Primorsk and Gdansk, away from the Black Sea ports of Novorossiisk, Tuapse and Yuzhny.

27/10/04 Wednesday
Oil Handling in Novorossiysk Port+++ In September of 2004 liquid bulk cargo handling amounted to 5.9 mn tons and made 72% of a total throughput of the port. The decrease of oil handling volumes may depend upon the weather and price conditions. During the period under report, oil handling volumes in Novorossiysk amounted to 59 mn tons (+205 year-on-year). Crude oil handling reduced by 8% and oil products reduced by 30%. A detailed review on the subject is available in the current issue of the SeaNews Weekly No 62 analytical bulletin.

27/10/04 Wednesday
Pipelines and Terminals Capacity Increase+++ The capacity of Russia"s export oil pipelines and terminals is to reach 433 mn tons per annum by the year 2020, the press service of Transneft JSC quotes Viktor Khristenko, the Russian Minister of Industry and Energy. According to V.Khristenko, 62 mn tons is to be transported via the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS) and Primorsk, 15 mn tons - via the other ports of Northwest Russia, 67 mn tons via the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, 80 mn tons - via the projected oil pipeline Western Siberia - Timano-Pechora - Murmansk.// Oil&Capital

29/09/04 Wednesday
Scarcity of Ships Pushes Up Tanker Rates+++ The cost of shipping crude oil from the Persian Gulf to Asia rose as oil companies and traders competed for a limited number of ships, reports Indonesian Shipping News. Idemitsu Kosan Co, a Tokyo-based oil refiner, hired the "Hyundai Banner" to load about 2 mn tons on October 22 in the Persian Gulf and ship it to Japan, French shipbroker Barry Rogliano Salle reported. The rate was Worldscale 131, up 3.5 points from Wednesday, according to Bloomberg data. That means Idemitsu will pay $2.26 a barrel to ship the oil. The cost of shipping crude on the Persian Gulf-Japan route has risen by half since September 13 as refiners in Europe, Asia and the US ship more crude oil ahead of winter demand for heating oil. That"s reduced the number of very large crude carriers, or VLCCs, available for hire in the Persian Gulf. "Several outstanding requirements for ships and a decreasing number of available VLCCs means momentum is in shipowners" favour," Oslo-based shipbroker Fearnleys AS said in a market report. Forty VLCCs have been hired to load oil in the Persian Gulf in the past week, according to Bloomberg data, up from 18 in the week before. There are 37 VLCCs available to load crude oil in the next 30 days, from 58 a week ago, according to Fearnleys. Near-record oil production in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries is also spurring demand for oil tankers. Saudi Aramco, the state company that is the biggest oil producer in the world, booked 7 VLCCs to carry crude oil to the US Gulf in the past week. Based on freight rates of WS 131, owners of double-hulled VLCCs can earn about $84,700 a day on the benchmark route to South Korea, after deducting costs such as fuel and port fees Bermuda-based Frontline Ltd, the world"s biggest operator of large tankers, has a break-even point of $26,860 a day for its 35 VLCCs.//SeaNews

22/09/04 Wednesday
Oil Terminal Yuzhny+++ According to Neftegaz Ukraini JSC, the Odessa - Brody oil pipeline is to be put into operation soon. The oil pipeline Odessa - Brody is aimed for unloading tankers with oil via the Yuzhny terminal. The terminal was idle since Q2 of 2002. At present the pipeline is fillied up with 280 thousand tons of technological oil to use the reverse transportation scheme. The oil pipeline is to be filled up completely in September 2004.//Seanews

06/08/04 Friday
Novorossiysk Commercial Port Throughput+++ The aggregate throughput of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port JSC for the 6 months of 2004 amounted to 34.96 mln tons (against 33.18 mln tons for the 6 months of 2003). The crude oil handling volumes made 24.5 mln tons (against 23.9 mln tons for H1 2003), oil products - 2.66 mln tons (in January-June 2003 - 1.51mln tons). 7.4 mln tons of dry cargo was handled during the period under report (against 7,6 mln tons in H1 2003). The reduction of dry cargo volume is connected with the tariff policy of Russian Railways JSC, which raised the tariffs to Novorossiysk. Another negative factor that influenced the dry cargo handling in Novorossiysk Commercial Sea port is the insufficient railcar supply.//SeaNews

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